I have countless memories of  Summer days leading or riding my ponies Bareback, down to my             neighbors orchard where I would sit for hours while the ponies snacked on apples. 
                          (   Way more than I should have let them, now that I look back...  )

  Seems like I even fell asleep once,  on the back of one pony ~ allowed to graze in the backyard...   
~Sarah Aardema and her best accomplishment yet!~
 From the time I was old enough to Sit up...
      I was sitting atop a horse, or pony
  (or any other animal that would allow it! )

   At age two I was sitting on a pet goat ~ in       diapers!  Then a little black pony named,         "PENNY".  The next I recall, was a 
    larger, Shetland mare, ~"MIDNIGHT" ~ 
        The list continues on from there.....
    I have owned over 150 different Horses & Ponies!       
of Party Ponies, Etc...
   Luckily,  my family was blessed to have access to a small field, just over a hill from our home. 
 My ponies & horses were happy there while I was growing up, along with my fathers hunting dogs, 
chickens, pigs and various other "Critters".   While Having a deep love for all animals, my
love for Equines always surpassed the others.
 While in my teenage years I got invited to do the "normal" adolesent stunts ~ I would politely say, 
        "No Thank You, "I have to tend to my horses" or "I have to get ready for a horse show."  
                              They were good excuses ~ especially because they were true!

      I thank my "Four Legged Friends" for keeping me out of trouble and God , whom gets  ALL 
                       of the credit for allowing me to have them in my life ~ my whole life.

  I praise my parents, for bringing me up in a Christian environment to help my appreciation grow for all people & animals and for imbeading that "seed" that would grow with me over the years 
                                                         to make me who I am, today.
    Sarah E. Clark  born to Don and Barbara Clark of Ripplemead, Va. ~ 1975

I was privileged to work with one's such as  Castleton FarmsThe VineryWalMac Farms Int.,
   Kenny McPeak Training Stables, & met such greats as, D.Wayne Lukas and Bob Baffert.
 $$$$      ** With Expensive horses , come wealthy buyers.     $$$$
The majority of the time, while working "behind the scenes",  the buyers were in other areas, but I occasionally got a glimpse of a celebrity coming down to the stables to inspect a possible prospect! 
Once I was "graced" with the presence of  Mr. Gary Player ~ PRO. Golfer,  whom I didn't know existed!  I am not a golfer!   Where his presedence made others around him nervous, 
                      I, not being an avid fan, waltzed right up to him and introduced myself...

The Conversation went something like this...

           "My friends over there, Mr. Player, tell me you're a pretty good golfer."   ~ Sarah.
                A handsome grin came across the distinguished gentleman's weatherd face.

           "Yes, I've been known to hit the ball around, in my day"   ~ Player.
           "I've never "been into golf myself",  "Horses are what I'm good at."    ~ Sarah.
"I prefer Horses" too, if I do say."  Jokingly, but with a hint of seriousness, ~ states Player !

I showed a couple of yearlings to him, that were of his interest,  he diplomaticly shook my hand, and was gone to further his hunt for a Champion !

   My coworkers shook their heads in disbelief at my "lack of reserve" towards Mr. Player.

  I, on the other hand, was on a high the rest of the day ~ proud to have not passed up a 
chance that probably would not have come along again and a few brief moments of my life
                                                            that I will Never forget!
      I have no regrets of my experiences there & memories made will live on forever of :
                                                      " My Old Kentucky Home"    

I have great friends there and try to visit at least annually,  but neither the "track life" nor "track politics" were  for me".        Homesick for a more simple life ~ I returned to Virginia....

                                         While living in Kentucky, one night I had a dream...

It was of a huge, aged, white farmhouse and a farmyard filled with childrens laughter.
  In the dream , I was giving Pony Rides and offerng a petting zoo type, Christian atmosphere to                     children ~ Focusing on & catering to, high risk, disabled and inner city children.  

      In this detailed, epihany like dream, it was a non-profit organization and the ponies being
used, were the one's back in Va. I had raised.  ~ "Sunshine",now 22 yrs.old, and other's.

That Dream, stuck vividly in my mind but I continued to do other things with my life, until recently...

                          I   Used To ...offer Pony Rides at a cost and quality ponies for sale.  

     My "Second Dream" & Current Goal to conquer ~is that of the one in Kentucky, 24 Years Ago

  ~Becoming a 501c3, non-profit corporation.  Theraputic Riding and Agricultural Event-Centre.

With my Faith in God, which had strengthened tremendously during life's hard knocks, I Know...

                    "That With Him,  ALL Things Are Possible!" ~ Luke 1:37 

                                                  WHO I AM                                               
                                                        Sarah E. Clark Aardema
I met and married my son's father while working at the VIRGINIA TECH REGIONAL COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE

                   I am now a  45 yr.old, Vertically Challenged, Happily Divorced, Single Mother. 
 At 4"11,  I struggle with life's hurdles, that get thrown at me daily, and I keep pressing on towards      my goals to Make A Difference" with the gift that I was given.

             That, in itself, is the "Mission" of  PARTY PONIES, ETC...              
To make an already Long Story ~ Shorter ...
My son,"Tripp" with our precious,"Angel"
A Horse, A Horse, My Kingdom For A Horse ~ Shakespere
             I want as many Children as possible to experience the Beauty & Spirit of the Horse.

There is nothing, so Theraputic, as far as I'm concerned, as the bond between People & Animals ! 

    ~  From a young age I also surrounded myself with all of the local horse enthusiasts, Farmers ,
                 Trainers, Farriers and Vets that I could ~ to absorb as much wisdom as possible.   

~  I continued my knowledge for 2 yrs. at a small, private college with one of the best, renouned Horsemanship programs in the world, also minoring in Business Management. ~ VA. INTERMONT 

                                                                1995 ~ 1998
~ At 19 yrs. of age, I went off to the racetracks & farms of Kentucky ~ for a Real World Experience!                          One that I'll hold dear, always!         Talk about an education....

~There are only a handfull of people in this world, that don't just  "Follow Their Dreams",  but   "Catch Up With Them and Make Them Come True !"    By God's Grace, I am one of those people!

       When I was a young child I would watch the Kentucky Derby , Close my eyes & pretend 
                         that "I" was the one bringing the winner down the home stretch! 
                   (Especially since I was Small. ~ Still today - Only standing @  14.3hands )
                                                               ( Yes, That's  4'11" )

 While I never did actually ride in a race, in 1996 I did train on a farm to become a Jockey, and was at the track everyday at 5am - 5pm (sometimes later) working right with, in my mind, the greatest athelete that ever lived! 
                                                               The Horse 

   ** I worked with first sons and daughters of the great, ~ "SECRETARIAT ", among others. **
   I watched young colts & fillies sell for $500,000! Sometimes much more, at only 6mos. ~ 1 yr.old! 

                                **  With any Great Athlete there usually are Great Trainers. **

******   I Even Met my Favorite Jockey ~ The Famous  PAT DAY  I told him Good Luck, He took a 
                Bite of My Hot Dog! & Went onto the Track and proceeded to Win that Race!       ******
 I grew up having the Best Teachers anyone could Ever have...The Horses, themselves ! 
Growing up in rural, Giles Co. Va. when it came to leisure activities ~ there just were not that
 many choices!                                                  

1993 ~ 1995
1975 ~ 1993
Who I Was... & Am Now ~in 2020